Strategy Editor

CS:GO Strategy Editor

Bellum Gens provides an in-browser CS:GO strategy editor with all maps available. You can pick a map and draw strategies on the map radar, then share with the community for discussions, or make it private and share it with your team only.

We're fully open source! We appreciate your feedback!

Bellum Gens enables your CS:GO Team

Bellum Gens is a CS:GO team finding and team management application, which allows players to look for teams matching their skill and availability, and team owners to manage their teams' roster and general organization. Because CS:GO is a team game!

CS:GO Team Overview

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BPro Gaming is the first professional esports club in Bulgaria. During the past 4 years BPro has developed a number of professional players, team and infrastructure.BSL a one of a kind StarCraft II league in Bulgaria and are contributing to the deveopment of Bulgarian talent in this esport! All StarCraft 2 games in the Esports Business League will be casted by the them!

About us

Bellum Gens is founded by two passionate about gaming friends. Bellum Gens is an esports organization focused on the development and popularization of esports in Bulgaria. We want to make esports a recognizable topic for the business and thus to help the development of all esports project in Bulgaria and on the Balkans.


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