Bellum Gens Elite

Bellum Gens Elite is a premier esports event organized in Bulgaria. If you're interested in sponsoring Bellum Gens Elite, our contacts are at the bottom!

Bellum Gens Elite - Stara Zagora Winners

Bellum Gens Elite - Stara Zagora

Bellum Gens is the organizer of the premier Bellum Gen Elite esports event. First held in the town of Stara Zagora, under the name Bellum Gens Elite - Stara Zagora, BGE brought the top Counter-Strike talent in the region to compete under one roof for a prize pool of $10,000!

Bellum Gens Elite - Stara Zagora was one of the few LAN events held in 2020 and due to Covid-19, only 10 teams were able to participate in the finals.